Does hybrid make you laugh?

Sweet Diesel is a hybrid variety that results from crossing OK Kush and Sour Diesel. Its THC content ranges from 10 to 22%.

Does hybrid make you laugh?

Sweet Diesel is a hybrid variety that results from crossing OK Kush and Sour Diesel. Its THC content ranges from 10 to 22%. This is one of the laughing marijuana strains, effective in relieving emotional tension and causing a feeling of laughter. Use it to get back in the mood for social gatherings.

Blue Diesel is an indica-dominant strain that has earned a reputation for being a big social smoker over the years. This delicious hybrid of Blueberry and NYC Diesel is a formidable combination. Its THC concentration of up to 23 percent is sure to make you and your friends laugh out loud. Blue Diesel is an excellent strain to let go of your worries and let off some steam.

It has strong fruity flavors and sour floral nuances, just as you would expect. It's a wonderful smoke that you and your friends will return to again and again. With this one, the key is in the name, since you will get a cerebral high that will keep you smiling for hours. Contains a THC concentration of up to 18 percent.

Imagine a mix of earthy tones and sage, and you'll have a good idea of what Laughing Buddha looks like. It won't help you sleep, but it will make you feel euphoric for hours and more relaxed than you ever imagined. As a result, it's perfect for daytime smoking. Durban Poison is a sativa strain high in THC with a THC content of 17 percent that will make your cheeks hurt.

Durban Poison is the cannabis equivalent of espresso. It wakes you up with a shake, goes through the fog and leaves you with a clear mind and energy. This strain provides a lot of energy and a lot of emotional pleasure. It is extremely stimulating, with a sweet and piney flavor.

If there are any tasks or errands to perform, Durban Poison will keep you smiling all the time. El Patrón's THC content is 22 percent and pairs well with herbal terpenes and pepper to boost your mood. Create incredibly beautiful flowers and cause uncontrollable laughter. The buds are a beautiful mix of dark purple and dark green, with a thick layer of shiny resin on top.

Deadhead OG is a cheerful and cheerful strain with a THC content of 20 to 25 percent. You can trust that this laid-back friend will make you laugh out loud with your friends if you're in the right crowd. Euphoria's cannabis profile contributes to its deeply calming effect. The THC levels in these purple-green buds are moderate (13 percent).

This ideal blend clears the mind, relieves tension and prevents worries from settling in. You can smoke this strain all day long and not feel sleepy. The extremely lemony and citrus scent of Super Lemon Haze is a combination of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. THC concentrations of up to 25 percent are possible.

With just one dose of this delicious strain, you'll purse your lips with delight. This sativa is great for anxiety, and its energizing effects will help keep you busy, while the pleasure it produces will help you forget about your problems. This strain, like Durban Poison, is ideal for a day full of time-consuming tasks and errands. Expect a sleepy, laughing feeling of pleasure with this flower, as it is one of the strongest sativas on the market.

While Ghost Train Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid, it has a staggering 25 percent THC content. Cinex has a wide range of THC concentrations, ranging from 15 to 25 percent. If you come across a less potent Cinex sample, you'll find yourself with a wonderful gift. Overall, the lively and focused attitude of this flower provides a fantastic cannabis experience.

Liberty Haze is the perfect strain to help you relax and see the bright side of life if you suffer from stress or worry. ChemDawg 91 and G13 have been crossed to create this hybrid strain. Contains up to 21 percent THC and provides a fast-acting high that calms the body while stimulating intellect. Users say they feel more focused, calm and receptive to new ideas.

The high THC content of 25 percent quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier and sends THC to the part of the brain that loves to laugh. If this amount of psychoactive cannabinoids is not enough, large doses of pinene will improve attention span, concentration and sense of humor. With this one, get ready for a festival of laughter with drooping eyes. Kosher Kush is an Indica hybrid with a high THC content of up to 22 percent.

It stands out for being the first commercial strain blessed by a rabbi. The blessing is said to offer a vision, as well as a joyful sense of serenity. Church OG is a complete farce. This is a fantastic option to laugh uncontrollably, often with nothing.

This indica-dominant strain has a modest THC content of 19 percent and, when smoked in large quantities, can cause drowsiness. It's usually best to postpone this until later in the evening. This variety is ideal for those quiet get-togethers with close friends. Pass a joint, tell stories and enjoy hysterical ecstasy.

This cheerful cannabis strain has a moderate THC content of 16 percent. Purple Queen Auto will take you to the desired level without pushing you to the limit. This Sativa hybrid is the result of crossing OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It has a THC content ranging from 10 to 22 percent.

The brain surge starts almost immediately after consumption and quickly fades into total body relaxation while staying alert and alive. This list wouldn't exist without Laughing Buddha. This cheerful sativa is known to leave its users ridiculously giggling. Its main terpene myrcene creates a spicy and spicy flavor balanced by a sweet and fruity smell.

This strain normally has a high THC content of around 22-23%, which means that it acts as fast as it is potent. Another strain to make you laugh, Church OG is a potent indica that soothes and relaxes. A spawn of OG Kush and God's Gift, it has a spicy, herbal aroma and flavor. Known for causing laughter and increasing concentration, Sweet Diesel is a true sativa that raises your head.

Sweet Diesel, an energizing social lubricant, lays the foundation for a night full of laughter. Another member of the diesel family, Blue Diesel, is a fruity hybrid cross of Blueberry and NYC Diesel. The strain produces a long-lasting humming body high, balanced with a moderate head high. Without causing fatigue, Blue Diesel relaxes its user with happy laughter.

A tart, citrusy sativa, Ghost Train Haze is another strain that's perfect for causing laughs. Dense buds form crossing Ghost OG and Neville's Wreck. Strawberry Amnesia is a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid that will leave you talkative, dizzy and laughing. As the name suggests, this strain smells and tastes like strawberries, probably due to its main terpene, caryophyllene.

A serious name for a not-so-serious strain, Church OG is a heavy powerhouse that will lead to bouts of dumbfounded laughter. This descendant of the OG Kush has a sleepy bump in large doses, so take it slow if bedtime is still far away. The effects produced by Chemdog's high THC content can be manifested in many ways, one of which is clearly a fit of laughter. This is one of my favorites for creative collaborations and for relaxing with close friends, as it brings social and artistic energy.

With a THC level of more than 20%, Chemdog is one of the strongest strains on the market. This makes it a powerful source of medication for those suffering from chronic pain, nausea, and other symptoms caused by debilitating symptoms. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Chemdog is known for inducing laughter, conversation and creativity. It's a great variety to induce a sense of happiness and fun.

Something like the more sedative “party” version of the Powerhouse. Sorry, but nothing matches your search terms Please try again with a few different keywords Have you ever wondered why you put on laughter about something as simple as a cat in a YouTube video when you're high on drugs? Well, there's actually a science behind this phenomenon. Luckily for comedians, cannabis also reduces laughter reflex inhibition, so when an audience smokes before a show, they tend to embrace almost any type of humor. Although many comedians agree that crowds who consume cannabis can cause them to change their delivery to match the stony atmosphere.

Outside of audience consumption, comedians themselves often use cannabis to write, hit or even make their jokes in front of the crowd. Their preferences vary across the indica, sativa and hybrid domains, depending on their ultimate goal and the type of audience they are targeting. While your results will likely vary, here are eight favorites from some of the most talented artists in the cannabis comedy community. The start of the list is Wedding Cake, which is a favorite of comedian and writer Ashley Ray.

This indica-dominant strain is made from a cross between Cherry Pie and GSC and consumers report relaxing and euphoric effects. This indica-dominant hybrid was an overall favorite for writing jokes, harnessing creativity, and even performing on stage. While the name is associated with being “glued to the couch” after a few hits, many comedians find that this strain gives them the performance edge they need, without feeling “too tall” to take a hit. Abston agrees that Gorilla Glue is one of the only strains she will smoke before performing, while comedian Rachel Wolfson found the most useful strain for writing comedy intended for her stand-up sets.

Wolfson and Abston also use Blue Dream to get their creative juices flowing, and comedian and writer Sara Weinshenk couldn't agree more. She consumes this sativa-dominant hybrid to “find the dumb thing in things. Blue Dream fans reported increased motivation and increased focus, along with delicious blueberry and sugar flavors when vaporized or smoked. OG Kush normally has 55% Sativa and 45% Indica, making it the perfect culmination of a hybrid.

Users can expect long-lasting, strong and versatile euphoria through a skunk citrus flavor and aroma. In general, most comedians agreed that sativas are better for watching comedy, while indicas are better for performing. To take the stage, Pineapple Kush was Abston's favorite. Pineapple Kush users reported brain effects accompanied by a slight body sensation from this hybrid strain.

Flavors have been described as subtle, sweet pineapple flavors with menthol undertones. GMO consumers report feeling relaxed, happy and lively while enjoying earthy, spicy and diesel flavors. Created by Alien Labs, Baklava is made from a healthy blend of Kosher Kush and Gelato 41, and is a favorite of comedian Frank Castillo. Baklava is distinguished by a nose of pure OG gas and a creamy bottom in the smoke.

A few strokes of this can leave you with feelings of relaxation and euphoria. Inconsistent rules around cannabis advertising call for creative solutions with some unintended consequences. Have you ever experienced a severe feeling of hunger after using cannabis? You know what I mean, that overwhelming desire to look for every snack in your closet or. It's a foregone conclusion that gummies are the cornerstone of the legal grocery market, especially on the West Coast.

When convenience, discretion and precise dosage are the name of. By checking this box, you consent to Weedmaps collecting your email address for the limited purpose of subscribing to Weedmaps email communications. You also agree to the Weedmaps privacy policy & terms of use. Both Sativa and Indica strains can cause laughs, but naturally, euphoria inducing weed will give rise to the best laughing strains.

Some researchers say that strains with certain terpenes, such as limonene and pinene, may also be more effective in inducing laughter. Chemovars with higher content of certain terpenes are more likely to make you laugh at classic stoner movies than others. For example, the relaxing terpene Myrcene helps smokers lower their defenses and relax, increasing the likelihood of achieving an abdominal laugh or two. A 100% Sativa hybrid between the aforementioned OG Kush and Sour Diesel, Sweet Diesel is a potent cannabis strain known for its very relaxing and alert high.

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